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Doing The Right Thing

Working with Children in a Natural Environment, Early Childhood Educators Re-evaluate their Theory and Practice

This film documents research undertaken by Walkergate Early Years Centre and Sightlines Initiative into the best way to support young children's learning.

The dvd also includes extra professional development material on downloadable pdf files.


Everyday Utopias

Two films presenting descriptions of a day in an infant-toddler centre and a day in preschool: the everydayness of being together, the strength of a way of organising that is designed but light, knowledgeable but flexible; a special care for the environments and the way of being in school, the idea that the infant-toddler cenre and preschool are places in which culture is created.

"Our hope is to raise normal children as the result of hard-won and everyday utopia" (Loris Malaguzzi)

  • A day in an infant-toddler centre (running time: 13'58")
  • A day in a preschool (running time 19'15")

    Production: Reggio Children 2011 DVD-PAL


I tempi del tempo/The Times of the Time

This video narrates the project “The Times of Time” that involved children from the infant-toddler center to primary school carried out within the context of the  international photography festival Fotografia Europea 2008.

Photographs and thoughts of children and adults tell of the times, many different, perceived and measured, awaited.

The images are organized in three sections: the catalogue of the exhibition “The Times of Time”, a short documentary on the project in the Reggio Emilia infant-toddler centers, preschools and primary schools, and the photography ateliers held in the town.
The video creates an interweaving between the learning experiences of the adults, the experimentation of the children, and the photographic images, highlighting an approach to the visual language that is constructed in a context of many relationships.

The Exhibition running time: 9’25’’
The Times of Time - Video Documentation in the infant-toddler centres and schools running time: 5’09’’
Photographic Atelier - Video Documentation running time: 12’13’’
Audio: Italian stereo
Subtitles: English
Video format: 4:3


Landscapes, open window - 2 CD

The right of children to a welcoming, beautiful, functional, planned, relaxing, lovable, soft, funny, musical, intelligent, neat and perfumed space!

Double CD-Rom with more than 90 pictures of the environment of the Infant toddler Centres and Preschools of Reggio Emilia from the ‘80s until now.

Published by Reggio Children


Not Just Anyplace DVD

The documentary film on the history of Reggio Emilia’s municipal centres for early childhood, with historical pictures and interviews with the protagonists.
The narrative of more than a century of educational history.

Directed by Michele Fasano
Produced by Reggio Children with the International Association Friends of Reggio Children, the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia
English translation by Gabriella Grasselli and Leslie Morrow

2002, DVD, running time: 72’


Participation Is An Invitation

Citizen, Citizenship, Participation

This DVD was created during the preparation of the exhibition 'Participation is an Invitation' in relation to the exchange with the international photography festival Fotografia Europea. The theme of the 2012 exhibit, which served as the framework of this project, was “Common Life: Images for the Community of Citizens”, and involved local schoolchildren from the infant-toddler centers to middle school.

During the meetings, as the children used different expressive languages to investigate and interpret the themes and meanings of community and citizenship, their words and ideas emerged more and more clearly.

It was immediately visible (and audible!) that we were building a sort of alphabet, a lexicon that inventoried the value of citizenship, participation, city, public places, migration, rights, duties…

The children’s reflections represent a special occasion to re-launch, also in other contexts, the themes of welcome, borders, and democracy, and to elicit, we hope, new stories and new opportunities for listening.

running time: 23 minutes

DVD – NTSC and PAL; Audio: Italian stereo; Subtitles: English


Rising Sun Woodland Preschool Project

"A dragon in a tree, blossoming bluebells and daffodils, fungi, an enormous muddy pond, a chance to make fire...

Whenever the nursery children from Redesdale First School in North Tyneside go down to the nearby Rising Sun Countryside Park, they're sure of a few surprises.

Their weekly visits have introduced them to the great outdoors and allowed them to discover it at their own pace - and to discover new talents and abilities along the way.

It makes for enchanting viewing, as the children discover the magical environment of the woodland and make it their own. In the process, different individuals hone different skills and gain in confidence." (from Alison Mercer, Nursery World 2001)

A transformative film for early educators wanting to ground their creative practice in nature.


The Drama of Sound

 - exploring musicality as an expressive language in early childhood education.

In this set of projects the focus has been around musicality.  We explore how we can better offer the concept of music, of listening, of aural capacities, in the early years learning environment.

We work together to support an educational practice which maximises the potential for children to explore, to make enquiries, to exchange their ideas with one another and to express them.

This DVD presents a year-round experience of collaborative work between musicians and educators in two early years settings and an infant school. It is constructed around themes to illustrate the growing strands of learning of both the adults and the children.

'Musicality is an intrinsic part of the possible languages of expression that we as human beings have as a potential to understand the world.'


The Many Faces of the Assembly

A study on the human figure in drawing, clay and photography.

The human figure is explored in the context of the morning assembly that brings together all 26 children of the class. The investigation interweaves drawing, clay, and photography, seeking in the connections between the three languages the expressive and cognitive elements for understanding and evolving.

This is a masterful presentation of a learning journey amongst children and educators, with creative and professional employment of video and editing techniques to engage many audiences - parents, other educators, any adult interested in children's learning and engagement.


The Sounds of Leaping

This DVD narrates the reflective practice of a group of educators exploring a group of reception age children's use of music and movement as expressive languages.

It shows the evolution of children's and adults' thinking and experience, in the framework of a reflective cycle, and is an excellent tool for educators developing their reflective pedagogy: it has been constructed to illustrate the evolving stages of engagement, thinking, learning, expressive languages which came into the group learning journey.