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Dogs, Bones & Dancing

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Are you looking for ways in which your children can explore their world through music and movement?

This slideshow/video summarises our 2-year project with a nursery and primary school in Kendal. Discover what we did, what we learned, what obstacles we faced and how the children engaged.

Production has been supported by Youth Music, and so we are able to make this free to download.


I tempi del tempo/The Times of the Time

This video narrates the project “The Times of Time” that involved children from the infant-toddler center to primary school carried out within the context of the  international photography festival Fotografia Europea 2008.

Photographs and thoughts of children and adults tell of the times, many different, perceived and measured, awaited.

The images are organized in three sections: the catalogue of the exhibition “The Times of Time”, a short documentary on the project in the Reggio Emilia infant-toddler centers, preschools and primary schools, and the photography ateliers held in the town.
The video creates an interweaving between the learning experiences of the adults, the experimentation of the children, and the photographic images, highlighting an approach to the visual language that is constructed in a context of many relationships.

The Exhibition running time: 9’25’’
The Times of Time - Video Documentation in the infant-toddler centres and schools running time: 5’09’’
Photographic Atelier - Video Documentation running time: 12’13’’
Audio: Italian stereo
Subtitles: English
Video format: 4:3


Movement Languages in Early Childhood Education

A collection of articles exploring movement and dance in early years education:

  • A Dancing Journey - Rachel Kurts, BareToed Dance Co.
  • Talking in Children's First Language -  Jasmine Pasch
  • A Tool to Liberate - Angela Kennedy
  • Expertise? Guy Dartnell, Oogly boogly
  • Footsteps to Exuberance - Maria Mernin
  • Making Moves - Ruth Nichols
  • Don't Move Just Sit - Ruth Spencer
  • Moving in Time; The Many Messages of a Body Dancing - Prof. Colwyn Trevarthen


Remida Day

A book that describes the first four years of the Remida Day initiative dedicated to recycling, based on the experience of the Remida Creative Recycling Center.

Edited by AGAC, Friends of Reggio Children Association, Municipal Infant-toddler Centers and Preschools of Reggio Emilia, REMIDA.

Sixteen events designed to support the culture of creative recycling and promote ethical behavior that opposes the 'throwaway' culture.


Published by Reggio Children


Shoe & Meter

First approaches to the discovery, workings, and uses of measures: from a project in the Diana Preschool.

In the story told here, the children are confronted with a real life situation: the school needs another work table, one that will be identical to the others, the same size and same shape. So what can we do? The children suggest that we call in a carpenter and ask him to build us the table. But how can we show him what we want? The carpenter says: 'Give me all the measurements and I'll make you the table'. The children agree to give him all the measurements. But the carpenter immediately puts them on guard by asking: 'Do you know how to measure?'

 Published by Reggio Children (1997)

An important book for all those interested in how to work with children on 'real-life' mathemetical learning experiences.


The Drama of Sound

 - exploring musicality as an expressive language in early childhood education.

In this set of projects the focus has been around musicality.  We explore how we can better offer the concept of music, of listening, of aural capacities, in the early years learning environment.

We work together to support an educational practice which maximises the potential for children to explore, to make enquiries, to exchange their ideas with one another and to express them.

This DVD presents a year-round experience of collaborative work between musicians and educators in two early years settings and an infant school. It is constructed around themes to illustrate the growing strands of learning of both the adults and the children.

'Musicality is an intrinsic part of the possible languages of expression that we as human beings have as a potential to understand the world.'


The Sounds of Leaping

This DVD narrates the reflective practice of a group of educators exploring a group of reception age children's use of music and movement as expressive languages.

It shows the evolution of children's and adults' thinking and experience, in the framework of a reflective cycle, and is an excellent tool for educators developing their reflective pedagogy: it has been constructed to illustrate the evolving stages of engagement, thinking, learning, expressive languages which came into the group learning journey.