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Introducing ... the work of Loris Malaguzzi & Reggio's preschools

Loris Malaguzzi in interview, 1993

“The child’s intelligence is still today something in which we have to believe: we have to believe that the child is a bearer and constructor of his own intelligence. If we are ready to accept this, then we will modify many of our relations with [him], many of our languages, and school will also in some way adapt to a child who is a constant provider of tests, requests and intelligent research. I would also say that this work and this passion for searching, in some way clearly mobilises everything: the whole person, the whole child. This child is a born researcher. I would say that [his] and our searching together for things that we do not know, searching for things that can improve our relations, all this in some way not only produces a marvellous understanding, but I believe it forms the directional axis where intelligence is fuelled, and I would say it increases [his] expansive capacity to relate with things or between things. Therefore it also produces a capacity of interaction, dialogue, searching for things and relations between things and events which to me seems to be the essence, the massive force of what we call intelligence.” Loris Malaguzzi 1993

"the theory of the hundred languages of children..."

is a philosophy of education based on an image of children - of human beings - as the subjects of rights, rich in potentials, developed in relation with others, and the environment ...

All children posess a hundred languages, a hundred ways of thinking, of expressing themselves, of understanding, and of encountering otherness, with thoughts that weave together the different dimensions of experience and knowledge, and do not divide them ..."

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