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Bicycles & Bricks, Vision & Determination
Online Conference set: narratives of the real and possible in shaping education

The Power of Blockplay: a language of construction, imagination and ideas
This session discusses a short history and principles of blockplay; what block play offers: reflecting on practice; a celebration of children’s wonderful ideas; practicalities of blockplay organisation.

Exhibit: Reggio Emilia's 'The Hundred Languages of Children' • Newcastle • 1997

Exhibit Tour: Reggio Emilia's 'the Hundred Languages of Children' • Cardiff, Belfast, Exeter, Bristol, Bradford, Glasgow • 2000

Exploratorium: The Fantastic Attic • Newcastle • 2000

Exploratorium: The Magic Wardrobe • Newcastle • 2001

Exhibit: Experiments & Encounters • Newcastle • 2002

Exhibit Tour: Reggio Emilia's 'The Hundred Languages of Children' • Manchester, Newcastle, Cambridge, Swansea, Folkestone, Birmingham, Liverpool  • 2004 - 5

Exploratorium: Floor Four • Newcastle • 2004

Evaluations etc

Cambridge Hundred Languages exhibit 2004 report - Enemies of Boredom