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Bicycles, Bricks, Vision and Determination


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Narratives of the possible in shaping education

These are times of possibility. Amidst calls and demands to ‘return to normal’ there are also many who have lost patience with the ‘old normal’ or have seen that other ways of living and learning are indeed preferable.

These realms of possibilities are ‘hot’ in so many spheres of life – and they certainly are in education. Just within our main focus on early childhood education, we have the UK government issuing  slimmed-down but intense  stringencies concerning what they see as desirable in education, whilst multitudes of educators, head teachers, parents and advocates are striving to protect and also develop possibilities for educational experiences with children’s wellbeing and proclivities for natural enquiry at the heart.

During October 2020 we will be hosting an online conference set of seminars designed to nourish those who are actively promoting and creating these ‘visions of the possible’ in their particular spheres. Theses are for the spectrum of educators, heads, managers, parents, policy-writers, etc concerned with the evolution of education to fit the potentials and the rights of our children.

A major frame of reference in these seminars will be the preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. 2020 is the centenary of Loris Malaguzzi’s birthday, the pedagogical teacher, psychologist and civic campaigner who worked closely throughout his life with the emerging preschool services of that city. They continue to be a tirelessly evolving example of an embodied vision for the future, and we also hope that we will host an autumn seminar with them which will relate to this series.

We are also exploring experiences from other countries to consider some of the multiple alternatives to our current constructs and practices, and to learn from their experiences as we try to forge a new education for our children.

The series culminates in a panel discussion to consider the questions  and possibilities that these generate, and the principles and directions which they imply for us.

The conference set will be open for people to participate in the seminars on a drop-in basis, although participation in the final panel seminar will be available to those who have participated in the series.



Monday 26th

Professor Peter Moss: UCL, London

Loris Malaguzzi's pedagogical influence and contemporary importance

Wed 28th

Professor Sabine Lingenauber: University of Fulda

The Women of Reggio: Interviews with the local young Reggiane women of the 1940s whose dedication and passion drove the evolution of Reggio Emilia's preschools of today.

Karyn Callaghan: President, Ontario Reggio Association

"Think, Feel, Act": Canada - state and citizens together for new visions of early childhood education 

Friday 30th

Dr Diana Dos Santos Sousa: UCL, London

Forging democratic education in Portugal  in the 70’s

Truths and Transformation – where now and how? – Panel and discussion

" It is the spring of 1954.
I hear that in a small village called Villa Cella, a few miles away from the town of Reggio Emilia, people decided to build and run a school for young children. That idea seems incredible to me! I rush there on my bike – I find women intent upon salvaging and washing pieces of brick …you have to agree that seeing an army tank, six horses and three trucks generating a school for young children is extra-ordinary. … [Reggio Emilia's] valuable (and continuing) history confirms that a new educational experience can emerge from the least expected circumstances. "

Loris Malaguzzi

Dates, Details & Booking

Date Monday 26th October 2020
End Date Friday 30th October 2020
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