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Sightlines Initiative Network

Sightlines Network is the UK network of early childhood educators, artists and others sharing a vision of education, and influenced by the exemplary work of Reggio Emilia's pre-schools.  It is a nationwide learning community, connecting creative reflective practice and projects and influencing policy development in the UK.

We believe .....

Children are born with the qualities of curiosity, engagement, joy, exchange, wonder and the qualities to make and share understandings. It is their right to expect that these intrinsically human qualities will be recognised and nurtured by adults, who are now empowered to act as their guardians and who frame their worlds. Children are makers of meaning and culture, and not simply the subjects of received information.

This demands the active and continuous formation of vibrant and sociable learning places, in which values are clearly expressed in the educational systems and approaches used. The values to which we are ascribing are represented in Sightlines Initiative Principles, and in many publications.

These places require a pedagogy of listening, and way of being which recognises and celebrates the vibrant qualities of children. As part of the principle of exchange, they promote families’ engagement in children’s learning as a mutual process of exchange and understanding.

We recognise that children have much to teach adults in remembering these timeless, innate human qualities. 

Our Values

  • The image of the child as an innate and creative knowledge builder, explorer & co-constructor
  • The power of the ‘Hundred Languages’ in forming learning environments
  • A flexible and creative cycle underpinning the work
  • Educators and artists as enablers within a pedagogy of listening
  • The process of children’s exploration is the focus, not the end product
  • Documentation as an important tool in aiding reflection and analysis
  • Professional development is an important part of the whole process
  • Development of a creative learning community to maintain a continuous supportive dialogue
  • Family and community involvement, not only in the education of the children but also for themselves as lifelong learners.

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