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Sightlines Initiative supports the development of a national learning community committed to researchful practice for early childhood education in the UK. We provide professional development opportunities for educators to learn and network, including seminars, debates, research projects, conversations, workshops, study weeks and conferences. Additionally, local events are organised by regional network groups.

Since the inception of the work in 1995 (see About), we have been working, through professional projects, research and exchanges, to advocate creative and reflective early childhood pedagogy. The historical values of British Early Childhood Education, as represented for example by the work of Susan Isaacs, are formative.

ReFocus Compasses and Tools encapsulates much of the vision and values from which we develop our practice. In our publications Adventuring in Early Childhood Education and Learning to Learn in Nature we analyse our project work and have developed a learning framework: Developing Environments of Enquiry, which is at the heart of our professional development work. The vision and practice of the preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, are a key frame of reference in our project and professional development work, and continue to inspire us.

    Developing Environments of Enquiry is a professional learning programme developed and led by Sightlines Initiative consultants. It provides an opportunity for educators and others working in the educational field to develop their practice, expertise and capacity to build environments where children's learning flourishes. It is founded upon building learning environments of ENCOUNTER, ENQUIRY, EXCHANGE, EXPRESSION ...

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    Conferences, Exhibitions of work, Seminars, Presentation Days, Visits ... all provide great opportunities for educators and others to not only 'find out more', but to do their own thinking, and encounter new ideas and challenges. Importantly, these often 'one-off' days or weekends often lead to ongoing committed journeys of development by whole teams.

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    Sightlines' Network is our national membership network of educators and others who are inspired in their work by Reggio's approach to early childhood services and who are developing creative and reflective practice in early education across the UK.

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